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Your most powerful growth 'hack'

Your most powerful marketing probably won’t be your epic 3,000 word “How To” blog post, or A/B tested landing page.

In fact, your most powerful marketing probably won’t be anything you or your team produce.

Your most powerful marketing will simply be your customers sharing their transformation and results with your prospects on video.

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If you're growing your business, you're hustling right?

You're working hard to do a great job for your customers.

You're making constant improvements to your product or service.

You're managing freelancers or staff.

You're trying get regular content published.

You're putting together new lead generation campaigns.

And that's just the short version of your to-do list!

You know enough about marketing to realise how powerful video testimonial case studies will be for your business. 

But it's another project on a long list...

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"Can you please tell me how great I am?" P.S. Please provide lots of detail!

Having a to-do list bursting at the seams, is one reason you haven't got round to producing enough video testimonial case studies.

But that's not all.

It's feels awkward too.


Well unless you're a raving egomaniac...

It feels weird for you to personally ask your customers to tell you how great you are - and record it!

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Where you really make your profit

Here's the thing...

Because of time constraints and the fact it feels awkward asking customers questions about yourself on camera, we understand 100% why you haven't made as much headway as you would like with video testimonials.

We get it!

But you could be missing out on sales every month as a result!

Working on traffic, content and lead magnets is great for building your list.

But it's the end of your funnel, not the start, where you really make your profit.

Once you have a prospect on your list, you need to prove you can deliver the result they want, or they'll never reach for their payment card.

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Are you ready to turn your prospects into buyers?

Make it easier and less risky for your prospects to buy from you, and your sales will increase significantly.

Imagine if you could get your prospects to talk one-to-one with customers, who have used your product or service and got great results.

Do you think your prospects would feel happier about buying from you afterwards?

Of course! But ok, in the real world, we know that's not a sales model you could scale.

But you can do the same thing using video. On your website, video is closest to having two people connect in person.

Video testimonial case studies are authentic word of mouth recommendations. With the massive advantage that video scales effortlessly.

For this reason, video testimonial case studies are your most powerful tool to turn more prospects into buyers.

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How to increase your sales with video testimonials... Without eating up loads of your time, asking customers weird questions, or paying expensive film crews to jet around at your cost!

ResultStory will interview your customers for you, via a recorded video call. This way we can interview your customers, wherever they are based.

We use a special tool which records at a much higher quality than a 'normal' video call.

Plus it works out loads cheaper for you than hiring on-location film crews with expensive day rates and then paying them travel expenses on top!

During our interviews with your customers, we'll ask them tried and tested questions. To trigger compelling answers from your satisfied customers. That'll pitch just right to right to convert nervous prospects sitting on the fence, into enthusiastic buyers.

Plus, it's definitely much cooler and less weird having us ask your customers about you, rather than you them about you! 

Next thing, as if by magic, you'll get the edited, ready to publish video delivered to your inbox. And you can add-on a Q&A style case study write up, to give your new content even more traction.

ResultStory is your ultimate done-for-you video testimonial case study solution.

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Afterwards turbo-charge your sales, by leveraging your new video testimonials & case studies to the max!

Here are some ideas for how you can use your new video testimonial case studies...


On your platform

  • Blog Pages
  • Podcast (great for outros)


  • Newsletter Emails
  • Nuture Emails
  • Call To Action Emails
  • Cold Outreach Emails

Social media profiles

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Paid ad campaigns

  • Cold Traffic Ads
  • Remarketing Ads

Lead capture

  • Lead Magnets
  • Content Upgrades

Point of sale

  • Webinars
  • Sales Consultations / Demos
  • Landing Pages


  • Keynote Speeches
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars


  • Direct Mail
  • Brochures
  • Sales Letters

It's quick & easy to get video testimonials with ResultStory...

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    You get an email saying your edited, ready-to-publish video testimonials and case study write-ups are done. Relax and say "Wow that was easy!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you interview my customers?

We will interview your customers via a video call.

Does it matter where my customers are based?

No, because we interview your customers via video call, we can call them wherever they are based. However we can only interview in English.

Do you work with B2C and B2B businesses?

ResultStory works best with B2B businesses.

What will you ask my customers?

We ask tried and tested questions to help your customers explain:

  • Who they are
  • The problem they faced before they discovered your product or service
  • The doubts they had about proceeding
  • How your product or service helped them
  • The results they achieved
  • The impact these results has had on their lives or business

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